A little back story..


My name is Tara Nichole. I am a wife, mother and step mother to a pretty awesome family. On April 19th, 2012 I was lucky enough to have gastric bypass surgery as my weight walked the line between high 290s and low 300s. I decided that I would never hate myself that much again. Along with the weight, I planned on losing the negative self image I had of ..which has been easier said than done. Who knew that losing close to 100 pounds wasn’t what I needed to have a positive self image. It’s not like they specifically discussed that in my mandatory pre-bariatric classes (did you catch my sarcasm there? good. 😉 )

After noticing that my weight loss had hit a stand still, I decided that letting the surgery do the work wasn’t..working..anymore. I need to get off my rear and get active, I need to be eating better foods, and I need to keep myself motivated.

I decided to start this blog because I get a lot of requests for the healthy recipes I am trying, or workouts I am doing (all from home..who needs a gym anymore?) so this is a place where I can post my trial and errors and let you know what foods you need to try NOW, and others you should never try..like ever..no..like EVER. Consider me your personal guinea pig. Your chubby..thinning..junk food loving, health food guinea pig.


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